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Even if waste disposal is the main concern of a dumpster rental service, heavy materials and equipment so safety should be a primary concern as well. Here are some things you need to know about your interest in Dumpster rental.

    • The CWS 40, 20 and 10-yard dumpsters are supplied with white reflectors at all four corners for nighttime visibility. If the dumpster is to be placed on an incline, the rear wheels can be locked with a steel pin so the dumpster is not going to roll.
    • Nearly all municipalities require a “Street Use Permit” if the car insurance quotes is placed on a public roadway or right-of-way. You can check the internet for legal cities to operate so that you can acquire contact numbers and web links to apply for a Street Use Permit.
    • Any non-hazardous waste, including all kinds of wood, all kinds of plastic, all kinds of steel, paper and paper products, drywall, green waste, roofing materials, carpet, carpet pad, insulation, appliances, furniture, household goods, inert, non-organic materials like concrete, asphalt, dirt, block, brick, stucco, sand, gravel, and ceramic tile are acceptable materials for dumpster rental Orlando,Fl
  • Distribute the load evenly. While it could look easier to load your roll-off dumpster from back to front, it is actually safer to load it evenly from the bottom up. You may carefully use a ladder to load items into the dumpster as it gets fuller. If the roll-off dumpster is unevenly loaded, it could unexpectedly tip over and injure somebody, or damage property. If necessary, your waste management or dumpster rental company can give you the appropriate equipment as well as instructions to load your dumpster safely.


  • Ask your dumpster rental company about locks. Whether your roll-off remedy is on your private residence or on your commercial property, you need to install a lock. People may sometimes attempt to pull things out of your dumpsters or seek shelter inside of them, which could cause a dangerous situation. Even if you are not liable for their injuries, or for anybody who is trespassing in your dumpster, it is better to be safe and lock it before leaving it unattended.


  • Take care when placing your dumpster rental. Before you have your dumpster rental company deliver your roll-off dumpster, call for a quote, take some time to determine where you want to place it. Your roll-off dumpster should not be placed under any power lines, because these conditions could present a serious safety hazard. You must also avoid placing it under any trees, or too close to cars, buildings, equipment, or other belongings that could be damaged when loading and unloading the dumpster. If you are not exactly sure where to place your dumpster rental, you may ask for advice at your local Dumpsterman at:


  • Wear protective gear. In construction projects, it is advisable to wear protective clothing like steel toe boots, hard hats, protective goggles, construction gloves, dust masks and long-sleeved clothing among other things. There is a lot of flying debris when you throw trash into the dumpster. There is also a risk of falling objects or coming into contact with sharp objects that could cause physical harm. It is always advisable to begin every project by wearing protective clothing. Priority Waste are usually made of steel. With time, the exterior coat of paint may wear off especially along the edges exposing the sharp corners of the steel structure which might cause injuries. Injuries caused by rusty objects often require tetanus shots and there is a risk of serious infection after. Wearing the appropriate protective clothing can help you but you also need to be careful whenever you are around the dumpster.


  • Operate carefully. With all the moveable parts around the dumpster, observing safety handling is much needed to avoid crush and pinch hazards. Get a proper walkthrough on how to handle the dumpster from your dumpster rental company before they leave it on your grounds. Learning how to operate the doors, latches and locks on the dumpster is very important if you do not want to crush your fingers. The door must always be properly secured whenever it is open or closed to prevent it from swinging and striking someone and causing injury. You should also keep dumpsters out of reach of children.